June 2015 - Maentler Biarritz, France.
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Make something of the past. What do you do with your constituent memories ? 14 is a “gestalt“ experience on the influence of family history. Formal researches and extra-narrative realities are mediums to explore the affect, without urgency, nostalgia or contestation constituting a transitory area where situations act as interfaces of memory, where the circle acts as an allegorical pattern. The artist does not invite to elucidate these relations but to study a non-immediate link which takes effect in a posteriority. 14 is the number of the street where the artist’s grandparents lived (rue Broquedis, Biarritz - 1960 to 1990), this project was presented in a private residence , just the other side of the street.

Faire matière d’un passé. Que fait-on de ses éléments de mémoire constituant ? 14 est une expérience “gestalt“ sur l'influence de l'histoire familiale. Recherches formelles et réalités extra-narratives sont des supports qui explorent l’affect, sans urgence, sans nostalgie ni contestation constituant une aire transitoire où les situations agissent tels des interfaces à la mémoire, où le cercle agit tel un motif allégorique. L’artiste n’invite pas à élucider ces relations mais à étudier un rapport non immédiat qui prend effet dans une postériorité. 14 est le numéro de la rue où vivaient les grands-parents de l’artiste (rue Broquedis, Biarritz - 1960 à 1990), ce projet y fut présenté juste en face, dans une résidence privée.

Presented artworks at the 14 show (all from 2015) :

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DECADES - Mixed media on canvas - 40x40cm - Private collection
FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Mixed media on canvas - 40x40cm - Private collection
FIND THE RYTHM - Mixed media on canvas - 100x100cm - Private collection
TUNNEL OF LOVE - Mixed media on canvas - 100x100cm - Private collection

THE ETERNAL Installation - Painting on wood pieces - variable dimensions
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GOOD CLEAN FUN 1 to 8 - Lambda prints - 20,5x26,5cm each
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ELEVATION OF LOVE - 40 drawings - Pencil and spray on paper - 6x12cm each
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TWENTY FOUR HOURS 1 - Mixed media on paper - 58x76cm - Private collection
TWENTY FOUR HOURS 2 - Mixed media on paper - 58x76cm

TABULARASA 1 - Engraving, lacquer, mahogany - 35x26x19cm - Private collection
TABULARASA 2 - Engraving on mirror, corian, ash - 35x26x18cm - Private collection

BLANKET A&A 1 - Acrylic on cotton, baize - 140x140cm - Private collection
BLANKET A&A 2Acrylic on cotton, baize - 140x140cm - Private collection

YELLOW IS THE COLOR 1 to 6 - Lambda prints 1/5 (5 copies) - variable dimensions

M&J - Engraving on cobblestone - 2x 6x8x6cm - Artist collection.

NUDE AS THE NEWS 1, 2, 3, 4 - Engraving on mirror - 10x10cm - Private collections
WATER & AIR 1, 2, 3 - Engraving on mirror - 15x15cm - Private collections
15 FEET OF PURE WS 1 - Engraving on mirror - Wood frame - 112x163cm
15 FEET OF PURE WHITE WS 2 - Engraving on mirror  - Wood frame - 112x163cm