After recovery, papers are "re-activated" by a series of simple, methodical and economical actions (unfold, stretch, paste ...) operating a passage from the third dimension to the plane dimension. The addition of the drawing and the color transforms the bonding of the two interfaces into an uncertain assembly which complicates the interiority / exteriority ratio and reevaluates the plastic function of the outline, inducing a speculative tension on the relations between the surfaces. Each work is an autonomous object as the element of a set. The plastic potential of these "small papers" seems to extend to infinity (current series) allowing agreements both tense and harmonic. The purpose of the appropriation is not to comment on the source material but to question the observation on this matter at a time when everything is “derealised“. Due to their "transplantation", their structure and their history, the papers take on a melancholic aspect reminiscent of the still life, and give an impression of organic matter.

LES PETITS PAPIERS - 2017/18 (work in progress)
LPP 1 à 15 - 65x50cm each - Collage and mixed media on paper