5 random shapes (min.100x150x30cm each), installation - 2015
Variable shapes and dimensions - Mixed media on coton fabrics, folding, rope.

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 Random shape 01
 Random shape 02
 Random shape 03
 Random shape 04
 Random shape 05

The installation questions gravity and permanence inviting the spectator to interact. The canvas are no longer tense, frozen, the forms are malleable, subjective, random, changing. The eye no longer only observes, it imagines, modifies. Foldings, dimensions, heights are an infinite variable proposed to the spectator gibing him back his “capacity to touch, his ability» to  act».

L’installation interroge pesanteur et permanence en provoquant l’interaction du spectateur. Les toiles ne sont plus tendues, figées, les formes sont maléables, subjectives, aléatoires, changeantes. Le regard ne constate plus seulement, il imagine, modifie. Plis, dimensions, hauteurs sont un variable infini proposé au spectateur lui rendant son “pouvoir toucher“, son “pouvoir agir“.