As the morning sun smiles upon the sea
An artist bows in secret joy
Filtered rays on bearded face
A lonely song, a seagulls cry

A thunderous set upon the reef
Savage and sensual
Like the passion within
A thousand lovers upon his lips
Hot lavender, honey, silk, and skin

Bittersweet memories of love and love lost
Sadness swells inside his breast
A single tear falls to the rocks below
As sirens beckon him to his sweet death

Eyes open, arms wide, he drinks in her beauty
The ocean breaks in luminous spray
A sacred moment, a silent prayer
A rainbow, the covenant, of a new day

A rugged outdoorsman, elegant yet wily gentlemen, and charismatic connoisseur of women and nature, “Cazanova” is a figure as magnetic and mysterious as the Basque country itself. Rooted in natural maritime beauty, he studied Art at a young age, then traveled the world to collect experiences and observe the human condition.  His work is heavily influenced by eastern philosophy, poetry, music, nature, and the female form. Franck Cazenave currently resides and works in Biarritz France (where he is born), teaching, inspiring, creating, and so generously sharing the gift of life that we call art.

Patrick Colton for Colette blog